So… to properly tell this story we have to go back to when I finished my first endpaper mitt. I was in love with the yarn (still am, especially after washing), and idly complained that I didn’t have any more in the stash. My mom, who happens to be an enabler, said she would buy me some for Easter. I just had to make the order…. (you see where this is going, right?)

new yarn

Ta DA! ::new yarn!::

7 skeins of knit picks comfy fingering have been added to my stash… (sob, yay!, sob). Technically I didn’t say people couldn’t buy me yarn as gifts during my cold sheeping, but it feels like a bit of a fail.


Further confessions…

a rather big box arrived today.
a box of yarn?

A box full of cashmere blend yarn!!! 6,660 yards of it (what an ominous number!).
yes! a box of yarn.

Ten of these skeins are due to be mine, eventually, after they have a bit more colour. Guess what I’m doing this weekend. 😉

Mom, who is awesome, also made me a new box bag. I bought this fabric from Spoonflower, which is a very fun place to peek around.

new bag - dark woods

Now I just need a project to fill it!

new bag - dark woods 2

I’m still planning on a big WIP reveal, but I seem to keep finding excuses to avoid it.

We had a ‘spring storm’ this morning. The poor trees! (All the snow has melted now, but hoo boy what a mess)

spring storm


2 thoughts on “Confessions

  1. My Mom is a terrible enabler too – sometimes I just have to admire something, next thing I know it’s mine!
    Very interested to see what you do with all that bare yarn.

    • You won’t have to wait long… They are drying as I type. 😉 Wish I’d read your blog before dyeing though, I could have made a semisolid for that beautiful beret pattern. 🙂

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