Back out again

Two knitting projects to share, finished just before life became wacky.


My fourth pair of endpaper mitts. I loved them… until they stretched. Which I should have seen coming since I was working them in a cotton/acrylic blend. I’m hoping a run through the washer and dryer fixes them.

Here they are before they stretched.

endpapers v4 2

endpapers v4

Cast on: Feb 28, 2012
Bind off: March 12, 2012
Yarn: Knit Picks comfy fingering. I still love the yarn, I just wish I had factored in the stretch. 😐

Also I finished my Dad’s birthday socks. I only have very crappy pictures of them but here they are:

resistor socks

To fit a men’s 13.
Yarn: String Theory Colorworks Continuum in ‘Resistor’.
Cast ON: Feb 1, 2012
Bind off: Mar 9, 2012

I’ve noticed I only really blog finished projects. I’m going to try and change that, if life doesn’t get in the way.

Katie has been watching all that snow melt and fall.

what's over there


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