Down the Rabbit Hole

Stuff has happened, lots of stuff. Too much stuff to talk about in one go. Therefore I’m breaking it into chunks -> Here is the first one.

Allow me to present Denise.

denise  dressed

Yes, another doll. I seem to have become fixated on them.

Denise’s body is my original design, influenced by past crochet dolls. Here is her basic shape:


OMG she’s naked! 😉

She ended up around 6.5 inches tall.

denise back view

It turns out that making clothing at this size is quite a challenge. Her clothes are crocheted from fingering weight yarn and it was difficult to put any detailing on them. I refuse to knit/crochet laceweight doll clothes, I’m not THAT crazy (yet).

So while I get my head around making clothing with simple shapes, I’m also contemplating sewing some with the fabric remnants we have around the house (all our lovely project bags).

I’m particularly proud of the embroidery on the face:


Spring seems to have sprung, but Katie hasn’t lost her winter coat yet:

lion ruff



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