A huge wave of grumpiness has hit the house this week. In fact this post is 4 days late because of it.

It hasn’t helped that Katie hurt her elbow and was limping so badly we had to visit the vet. She’s better now, but spent most of last weekend looking like this:


which isn’t so bad because I can use her to do this:

This is “lord” 2.0. Isn’t he awesome?


This is lordling. I mis-read the instructions and he came out a bit… wrong. But awesome sister brought him back from the garbage bin.

lordling - better

Katie check. Still good? Yep.

backdrop checkin2

backdrop checkin2

Every lord needs a lady: (I think I’ve shown her already?)


Group shot:


All of these ami’s have gone to live with awesome sister.

I have one in the wings for me:


One more lord is planned and then, hopefully, this need to make tiny cute things will disappear for a bit.

I’ll leave this entry with something that made me smile this week:

cookie flowchart


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