Last Yarn…

…and other things.

So the very last (bought by me) yarn for 2012 has arrived. No more new yarn!

While no more new yarn is saddening, the final yarn is so pretty! *squee*

the last new yarn of 2012

My February Club shipment from String Theory Colorworks! The colourway name is Oxygen and it has thick stripes of white, violet and red. It is on a new base for me, 50%merino 50% tencel. I’m not sure that this yarn can stand up to being socks, but maybe mittens or something.

I’m still in my amigurumi kick. I just finished off the cutest little medieval lady:

teeny lady 1

I loved working on her, she is seriously so tiny and adorable. Sadly she now belongs to awesome sister who originally requested her. I guess I’ll have to make another one (or three). Oh darn.

teeny lady with tape measure

teeny lady side

pretty girl

Caught an awesome shot of Katie’s eye colour. 🙂 She’s doing well, as usual. She turned 8 on Feb 1st! She’s a sassy middle aged cat now! haha!


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