The longest WIP

Behold the terrifying tale of my oldest wip!

Started January 29, 2010. Yes, 2010!!!!!

And!!! It is STILL.NOT.DONE!!!!!


What is it?
The Moorish Mosaic Afghan. *ooooooo*

Here is what I’ve finished so far:

moorish mosaic afghan 50%

Just a little over 50% finished

Here is a schematic of the complete blanket:

30 octagons, not horrible, right? That’s what I thought but then! Boom! Life and stuff and boredom and stuff and now I’ve only got:

Blue=complete and sewn together
Pink=complete but not joined

So close to finishing another row… My goal this weekend is to see how far I can get!

Stay tuned for the thrilling result of a weekend of crochet!


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