Finishing up

Let’s start this post with something different.  Today I visited a ‘Titanic’ exhibition, which featured artifacts and stories of the ship.  I really, really enjoyed the exhibit. I got chills a couple of times just from looking at the everyday items that were on display. Apparently my grandpa (or great-grandpa) was in the line to sign up as an able sea-man, but they filled the ships quota just before they reached him.  Which sounds really cool, right?

Anyway, you can’t visit a museum/ exhibition center without visiting the gift shop.  I didn’t need anything Titanic related, but I did see something I *had* to have.
new dragons
Aren’t they just awesome? Dragon stuffed animals are so hard to find, nice ones even harder. The red one is named Blaze and the teal one Squall. 🙂 They will make a nice addition to my (rather large) collection.

Speaking of dragons my mom made me a dragon-y box bag for Christmas! 😀 I’m using it for my newest wip:
shrug for new year
Pattern: Top Down Shoulder Warmer by Laura Chau (aka cosmicpluto)
Yarn: Dream in Color Classy in Black Parade (so far, I might have to add a cc)
Needles: New Hiya Hiya interchangables (thanks awesome sister!) US 7
CO: December 28, 2011

I would like to finish before the new year, but that is probably a bit unrealistic. Hopefully it can be my first knitting FO of the new year. 🙂

My FO this week has been a long time coming. It is a spinning FO!!!! (I know, omg!)

handspun finally!

339 yds of (on average) a heavy worsted weight. Sure it can be thick and thin, but it is gorgeous soft and pluffy. I can’t wait to knit it up, I just need to find the *right* pattern. le sigh. I’m thinking the TGV scarf (from Rav) or something similar might work.

Awesome sister also gifted me with a new spindle, which I put to immediate use.
new spindle!

As I hinted last week awesome sister and I dyed yarn earlier this week. We made some very pretty yarn in my not so humble opinion.

Here’s a quick look a awesome sisters:
awesome sisters dyeing
l to r: christmas red (cash aran), tin tin (cash dk), bored! (cash sock), spruced (skinny bugga)

However, since this blog is all about me:
All colourways were dyed on a cash dk base ( 231 yds / 100 gr )
1. Plum berry
2. Mother Tree
mother tree
3. Cobble
4. Crystal Cave
crystal cave - side 1

I absolutely adore Crystal Cave and Cobble. They came out exactly the way I wanted them to.

Finally, I overdyed a skein from earlier this year. It went from this:
to this:
peacock redux
Making the skein more cohesive was the goal, and I think it is.

Whew, thanks for making it so far down! This was definitely a long one. I hope everyone had as good a holiday season as I did and I wish everyone a happy New Year! 😀


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