Winding down

Pre-holiday craziness abounds. So getting things finished and/or moving along feels really good.

On the knitting front:

Anything that isn’t colourwork hasn’t been touched. Which of course means that I have an FO.

woo hoo

and a crappy image of the top:
crappy image of top

CO: Dec 13, 2011
BO: Dec 21, 2011
Yarn: The sanguine gryphon skinny bugga in ‘widow dragonfly’ (purples) and ‘sea star’ (red-orange)

This is probably the ‘largest’ piece of colourwork I’ve ever done. I’m very proud of how even the floats turned out and how nicely it blocked. 🙂 ♥

On the Christmas Front:

All the presents have been bought, they just need wrapping. Speaking of wrapping… anyone else with cats have this problem?

squatter's rights have been

She’s pretty much acquired squatter’s right at the moment. If you approach the tree with a present she takes her position. One of these days I’ll get there before she does. 😉

Looking ahead:

  • Lots of knitting related changes next year, I’ll save the specifics for January blog posts…. Mostly I’m going to be changing the way I choose projects and organizing myself.
  • We have a special dye session planned over Christmas break, so look forward to seeing those skeins soon. 🙂
  • My FO breakdown from this year which is larger than ever! Which has both good and bad implications.
  • Stash documentation. I might as well own up to what I have…
  • Special event blog posts which follow me as I try to do something crazy with a time limit.

Merry Christmas to all and sundry. 



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