Socks, Christmas, more socks and Katie

Why is it that some weeks you have nothing to blog and then other weeks you have TOO MUCH to blog?!? I guess that is the way life is.


MY CHRISTMAS KNITTING IS DONE!!!!! :mrgreen: (yes it had to be yelled)
Dad’s socks are finally off the needles, thank goodness I started them in October or they never would have been finished in time!
dad's xmas socks!
CO:October 6, 2011
BO:November 24, 2011
Yarn: String Theory Colorworks – Resonance Base in Kopernik

I managed to squeak a men’s size 13 out of one skein + one heel toe skein. I totally and completely love this yarn (and this company) to pieces.


::dances:: It is coming closer. 😀 Yay! We decorated last week and I love love love our tree this year!
It started out looking like this:
sitting on the tree

…and ended up like this:
tree overview

…and after decorating the mantle the whole living room looks like:
xmas decorations overview

I made some amigurumi-type decorations for my mom’s tree, which took me less than a day. Two cute little robins.
robins for mom

More Socks


Yep finished the hand-dyed socks. I’m wearing them right now. 😛 These just flew off the needles, even with a longish break before I cast on the 2nd one.
CO: Nov 12, 2011
BO: Dec 2, 2011
Yarn: Wool2Dye4 Crazy Eight – Handdyed by me as ‘Harvest festival’


… is loving this season. With all the new potential toys. She claimed the tree as soon as the tree skirt was down:
claiming the tree skirt

She also had a close up photo shoot one day:
myspace photo katie
myspace photo katie 2

…which revealed a secret:
paw pad close up
…She doesn’t wipe her paws!!! 😛 Litter dust everywhere!


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