Christmas is coming! :D

Which means decorating has begun.

Awesome sister made three new wreaths this year. Before they could be decorated, however, they had to be quality tested.

wreath inspector

The insides seemed to be okay…

wreath inspector 2

…and they are fluffy enough. Inspection passed!

The first wreath is more traditional, dressed in muted jewel tones.

new wreath 1

The second wreath is very different for awesome sister. Covered in teal baubles and deep red.

new wreath 3

The third is the wreath she made for me. On a white wreath wintery colours sparkle.

new wreath 2

I got into the decorating spirit as well. I have a small white tree that I covered in sweet pastels.

small white tree!

Finally, we have the Lego winter village set. Here are some vignettes of the ‘town’:

lego village
lego village 2
lego village 3
lego village 4
lego village 5
lego village 6

All the quality control wore Katie out, belly rubs were required:
wreath inspector 3


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