This one starts with a weather update

First snowfall! That bunny from the other day had the right idea on colouring, because it snowed on the 12th and again on the 14th. The weather has been consistently under zero degrees too! WINTER IS HERE!!! :mrgreen:

First snowfall:
first snow fall!

And the same area after yesterdays snow and wind, as well as melting overnight from the building heat:

covered ground

Last weekend was a dyeing weekend 🙂 so I have some new yarns to share!!!! Since I decided to change my technique I’m having a lot more fun and enjoying the results much more. 😀

*note* I just finished watching Dr. Who Season 5 (first Matt Smith one), so I named these skeins using Whovian terms from that series…but! I didn’t dye the skeins with the names in mind (so it might be a loose interpretation) 😛

First yarn base: Sock weight 80% merino / 20% nylon
A. Amy Pond
hand-dyed sock nov 11 B

B. Hello Sweetie
hand-dyed sock nov 11 D

C. Geronimo
hand-dyed sock nov 11 A

Second yarn base: DK weight 80% merino / 10% cashmere / 10% nylon

D. Tardis
hand-dyed dk nov11 E

E. Pandorica (2 skeins dyed at the same time – a first for me)
hand-dyed dk nov 11 C

Speaking of hand dyed sock yarn, do you remember this yarn?:
displayed on katie
the one on the left (thank you Katie for modelling it). I dyed it in October.

It has now been turned into a sock!

first sock of pair

Just one, but I love it so much.
US 4 (3.5mm)
Toe up – 48 sts
Simple garter rib pattern with mini heel flap and short row heel.

Whew this was a long post! Thanks for reading. 😉
Katie is wondering how I can possible resist filling up her kibble:
Please mommy?

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