A very good day

Today has been a very good day, starting with an unexpected visitor.
Peek A Boo!

Katie had been watching him outside, but I had thought she was bird watching. He came right up to the window and peeked in. Look how white he is!

winter white

She was on high alert for a bit after he hopped away, but basically just watched the ‘strange cat’ in her territory.

a strange cat-like tihng

Shortly after the visit I realized my sweater was dry. :mrgreen: YAY!


I love it!

Pattern: Adult Pinwheel Sweater
CO: Sept 25
BO: Nov 8
Yarn: Madelinetosh vintage in Copper Penny – this survived knitting/ripping into 2 different sweaters before this one. Highly recommend it. 😀
Mods: Changed body to garter stitch, worked flat and bound off with an icord bindoff instead of the loopy bindoff.

side view

It’s hard to take a shot of your back when you are home alone!

Another reason it was a good day? Sleepy kitty smiles:

sleepy smile


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