Distractions and Obsessions

First the distraction: a quick crochet hat.  I’d spotted the pattern on Ravelry, but didn’t have a child to make it for.  After finding a recipient I went ahead and it was finished in 2 days! It is so darn cute!

fun crochet hat

CO: Sept 25, 2011
BO: Sept 27, 2011
Yarn: from stash
Hook: 5.5mm


lexa posing3

Yes the doll is done! Finally! and At Last!!! Her name is Lexa. 🙂

Lexa was first ‘finished’ when her body was complete.

doll front

Then I gave her a wig. This is so, if I want to, I can change her hair.

doll standing 3

Then I made her clothes. Skinny jeans, boots and a belt…

lexa bottom outfit

…followed by a tank top and a cardigan.

lexa top outfit

lexa back outfit

Full details are on my ravelry project pages for her. The clothes. The doll.

CO:Sept 6, 2011
BO: Sept 25, 2011

Lexa took a big chunk of my time/sanity, but I am really happy with her. :mrgreen:


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