That’s how I feel after the fit of madness inspiration that hit me last week. I suddenly had to make a doll. With a summer wardrobe! And it had to be NOW!!! dammit now!!!!

And I did.

Here is Crystal, so named because of her (crystal-) clear eyes.

crystal face close up

I have concocted a rather elaborate back story for Crystal, but I doubt I’ll ever be brave enough to post it on the web.  Let’s just say it involves mad scientists and evil assistants.

But for now Crystal is living a Barbie Doll-esque lifestyle.  Changing outfits and looking pretty, despite having too much hair.

I made the following articles of clothing for her:

A.  A bikini – from pattern


B.  A pair of shorts – from pattern

crystal - shorts

C. A top / A skirt (it can be worn both ways)

crystal - skirtcrystal top and shorts

D.  A yellow baby-doll type t-shirt
crystal t-shirt and skirt

E. A graphic tee

crystal t-shirt2 and skirt

F. A bag

crystal bag

G. A shrug

crystal dressed

H. A dress

crystal dress and shrug

I. Sandals – from pattern

crystal shoes

Crystal with all her accessories:
crystal and all her accessories

Unless a clothing item says “from pattern” I designed it.  It was a lot of crochet,  a lot of design and an all encompassing need to own this particular item.  I’m very relieved that I’m finished and I’m sure I will be much more enthusiastic about her in the future, right now though?  I need a break.

really?!? - with text

crystal in danger!!!

One thought on “drained.

  1. Kathy says:

    Love, love, love the cat. If looks could kill… Don’t leave adorable Crystal or her stunning wardrobe unattended. (Love Denizmum’s patterns too, cute with attitude).

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