Dye Dreams

Another long weekend, another dyeing day. šŸ˜€

I was testing a new yarn this time bfl high twist, from wool2Dye4, a bfl / nylon sock yarn. While it certainly feels sturdy, it just didn’t feel soft like merino. I’ll probably switch back to Shelia’s Gold next time. I keep trying to love bfl, but can’t seem to make myself more than ‘like’ it.
The comparision of softness was probably skewed anyway since awesome sister was dyeing a cashmere blend, which is lovely to pet.

My five skeins are as follows:

plumberry vine
BFL high twist
plum/moss self striping skein.Ā  4 rows per stripe.

plumberry vine
plumberry vine close up

BFL high twist
Varigated yarn in pale washes

watercolour - macro

dark magic
BFL high twist
medium shades anchored in black

dark magic

dragon’s opal
BFL high twist
speckled with teal and hot pink and then covered in lilac

dragon's opal

forest shadows
Shelia’s Gold (merino/nylon)
I’ve shared this skein before on this blog entry, as 2nd skein. I’ve now added a black stripe to it.
8 rows variegated / 8 rows black
forest shadows
forest shadows - macro

Awesome sisters six are as follows:

Just Alice
Cash Sock
Based on Alice’s outfit from the miniseries Alice.
Self striping skein
4 rows red-orange / 4 rows blue / 4 rows purple
d- just alice close up

Raspberry Lobster
Cash Sock
A riff on The Sanguine Gryphon’s Strawberry Crab colourway. I think she got pretty close! šŸ˜€
d- raspberry lobster

French Marble
Cash Sock
Based on a picture awesome sister took in France. She nailed the sky colour and the marble colours, imo.
self striping skein
4 rows sky blue / 4 rows marble
d- french marble

Truly Outrageous!
Cash Sock
Self striping skein
4 rows pink / 4 rows green / 4 rows purple

d - truly outrageous!

Steam Age
Cash Aran
d- steam age

Bakerstreet Blues
Cash Sock
Gun metal – kettle dyed
d- bakerstreet blues

I think we did extremely well! We both need to knit faster though!

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