a curious new thing

edited stash haul

Roving!  But to do more than thrums you would need…
my drop spindle
close up spindle
A spindle. GAH!

I was jumped by a new hobby while at Estes.  I had been curious about spinning for awhile, but seeing all the people there spinning away kind of tipped the scale.

First Handspun.

I took one of the two balls above and dyed it purple.  Then I spun both ‘balls’ of roving separately and plyed them together.  The end result?  11 yds of super bulky. lol.

handspun 1

I had more purple than white, so I plyed the last of that together and got about 2 yds of purple super bulky yarn, it’s the purple streak you can see in the picture.

The yarn is ridiculously overspun but I love it anyway.

2nd Handspun.

I didn’t even take a picture of this fiber before I turned it into yarn.

The base is Rundle Roving from Rocky Mountain Dyeworks in the Coral Root colourway.  I got about 50 yds of a thick and thin super bulky.

handspun 2

handspun 2

This one is very well balanced and I’m looking forward to turning it into something soon.

I would have more to show but the Canada Post strike has interrupted my main means of yarn acquisition. 😦

Katie doesn’t care about the spinning, she’s just hanging out.

katie sleeping


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