I make yarn pretty

I’ve been trying to write an entertaining and instructional post on dyeing yarn for the past few days.  It has been deleted.  You are now stuck with whatever my brain vomits out in the next 20 minutes.

Ways I make yarn pretty

1.  Turn it into a pretty item

( warning!  hidden WIP report! end warning!)

Wendy’s Summery Mystery Shawlette:

Clue 3 was released last week and I finished it yesterday in time for clue 4.  I finished it! 😀  I didn’t think I’d be able to.  Right now the shawl looks like cat yak, it needs a very severe blocking.   But I finished clue 3! 😀 😀 😀  I can’t express how happy this makes me.

wendy shawl - clue 3 done

Copper Toe Ups

First sock is complete.  I’m absolutely loving this knit.

copper toe up #1

There is a new project but I’ll talk about that further below.

2. Dye yarn pretty colours  (or the oooh! shiny method)

Got a wild hair last friday to dye yarn, so on Saturday I hunkered over my stove and kettled dyed the remaining sport weight in the house (awesome sister dyed a few skeins as well).  While there were lots of lessons learned I seem to be unable to present them in any coherent form so to distract from my lack of text I will show lots of pictures.

First skein:
name: “A bit before its time
Moody skein.  It has lighter areas from the ties being too tight but that only seems to add character to this one.  Blues and greens washed in purple.

a bit before its time
a bit before its time - macro

2nd Skein:
unnamed as yet, since I’m going to make it a self striping yarn. I originally dyed this fingering weight skein in October of 2010. I overdyed it to change its look a bit.

Nothing really wrong with it,  just wasn’t very good.  The colour transitions were crappy and the colours looked awkward and choppy.

oct18 005
The skein is much brighter and cohesive.  It maintains the idea behind the original though, which is very good.  I’ll be winding it to add a black stripe sometime in the late summer/early fall.

overdye of sock

Skein 3:
named: “A cracking adventure

Fun skein, purples and emeralds drenched in gun-metal.

a cracking adventure
a cracking adventure macro

Fourth and final skein (the one that ate my brain):
named: sunset

I gradient dyed (though that isn’t the right name) this skein just to see if I could.  I’ll write a tutorial for the technique I came up with soon.
bright orange – burnt orange – red – violet – purple – blue – turquoise
Lots of lessons learned on this one, it is far from perfect but it is so pretty I don’t care. 😉
this is also the first time I’ve ever dyed anything red (a colour I dislike).

I like the skein so much I cast on a cowl (Cabled Feather cowl – rav link).  I’m nearly out of the safety orange colour and into the burnt orange:

sunset cowl start

Yay!  I finished this post.  Woot! 

I’m off to Estes Wool Market next week :mrgreen: so lots of fun things will be coming home with me. 😀


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