Long Weekend Project Roundup

I’m actually writing this post because I am unable to knit at the moment.  I have knit so much this weekend I ended up hurting my wrist.  Oops!  😳

Okay, so what did I hurt my wrist doing?

First: WendyKnits KAL Summer Mystery Shawlette (my project page)
The first two clues were pretty easy to keep up with (12 rows each) but I won’t be able to keep up when the next clue is released on Thursday since it will be 72 rows.  It was fun to be on top of the kal for at least awhile.  I’m using a Gothling from Rainy Days and Wooly Dogs called Tainted Love, it was a club yarn from last year.  After the 2nd clue the shawlette looked like this:

wendy shawl - clue 2 complete

Second:  Elektra Shawl (my project page)
This is the project that killed my wrist.  It is nearly 400 stitches, every row is either beaded or lacy.  It is slow, but beautiful.  I’m using Wollmeise Twin in Die Auster (the Oyster) and it is making a gorgeous fabric.  Currently the shawl looks like a mess of garter stitch and beads, but I was able to pull out one of the lacy triangles for a photo op.

a bunch of garter stitch and beads
starting to see a pattern

Third: Copper Toe up Socks (my project page)
My current work project.  I was missing working on toe-up socks and I had received this yarn as an April club shipment.  What finally tipped me over was a new recipe for working the mini heel flap, that I favour, toe-up  (see project page for link).   I’m using String Theory Colorworks yarn in their Resonance base, the colourway is Copper.  This sock has been so much fun to knit!  I just finished the heel:

copper socks - now with heel

Fourth, and Final: Moorish Mosaic Afghan (my project page)
Something I dug out of hibernation, my (former) Stashghan!  I’m much better at crocheting, especially reading crochet stitches now so this is moving along quite quickly.  It helps that I had finished a lot of the little pieces last year.  The yarn I’m using is a mix of Paton’s Decor and Bernat Satin which is making a thick and soft fabric.  I spent an inordinate amount of time seaming it this weekend and it is half done!  15 octagons to go!

moorish mosaic afghan 50%

Wow, that is a lot of crafting. 😯

Katie was surprised by a new cat tree this weekend, she can see the birds outside much easier:

Katie's new cat tree!
bat ears!

I think she likes it. 😀

One final note:  I changed the blog theme (I’m sure you’ve noticed).  I just wanted a fresh look. I hope everyone likes it. 😀


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