Death Flu 5000

My only advice for you this week: Don’t catch whatever I had.  It’s still hanging on too, but just a small cough.  I couldn’t knit!  (Which, parenthetically, is the absolutely worst thing you can do to me)

I had been trying to finish some socks for mother’s day (which I wrongly thought was on the 20th.. WTF brain!).  I was 2 knitting sessions away from finishing with 2 evenings to go and blamo! no more knitting.  😦  I finished them last night, but will blog after they have been properly photographed.

So what does a sickly person do who starts feeling itchy when she is just sitting?

memes - Thousands of Them
see more Memebase and check out our Troll Face lols!

Well, riding a waterfall of duckies came in a lose 2nd but…Crochet!  (yes more crochet…)

It’s a bath puff!  So exciting. 😉  But at 3 rounds and easily memorized I was able to make 2 without adding to my general distress.

I added another amigurumi sheep to my collection:

He has a very pronounced head tilt and I wasn’t counting quite correctly, but somehow he ended up very cute. 🙂

I also dragged an old ufo out from hibernation.  The Moorish Mosaic afghan.  I seamed up what I had and was pleasantly surprised.

Now that I’m feeling much better I’ve done some shuffling of my wips and started a few new things.  Notably I have joined the mystery shawlette kal on Wendy knits blog.  I’m looking forward to the first clue. 😀


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