A Weekend I’m Dyeing to tell you about…

Another dyeing weekend to blog about!  Yay!!!

But first I’ll interrupt the flow to wish Katie a happy Fourth Adoptaversary!!!!!  YaY!!!!  She is a sassy 7 year old and still as spoiled as ever.


Back to dyeing:

First off some Cash Aran ( which feels so wonderful I just wanted to knit the entire cone up!)  Both Awesome sister and I dyed up 2 skeins of this.

Storm Cloud:
storm clouds
storm clouds - b4 skeining

Tremendous Kerfuffle:
tremendous kerfuffle
tremendous kerfuffle - b4 skeining

Awesome sister dyed hers as a set to make some striped mittens (we made a mini natural skein for her third stripe colour):
d _ mitten set

Our second base was Crazy Eight.  Again, we both dyed up two skeins each.

Spring Sky:
spring sky
spring sky b4 skeining

Poison Apple:
poison apple
poison apple b4 skeining

Awesome sisters set:

Tuscan Dottore:
(seriously isn’t that gorgeous!?! This is the type of dyeing I wish I could pull off)

Italian Plum:

Finally we both had some natural skeins from The Sanguine Gryphon. Mine in Bugga and Awesome sister had Skinny Bugga.

Peacock (bugga):
peacock_before skeining
(I’m very proud of this skein)

Teal and Purple self striping (skinny bugga): (and yes, awesome sister can’t think of a name for this one)
d_skinny_ stripe

Finally here is my set:
the set


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