hodge podge

Not much in the way to share this week.  Happy Easter btw.

For something really really cute: PUPPY CAM!!!  I actually caught this on April 14th when they were born.  The puppies are so squirmy! 😀

ACK!  KITTEN CAM!!!  so cute little wittle persian baby kittehs!

another tiny amigurumi fo this week:

Amigurumi umbreon, another eeveelution:

He is a bit goofier than the espeon from last week, but I think it is just his nature. 🙂  The only real problem is he suffers from being unable to sit up properly ( his giant tail might have something to do with that ).  I must find some beads to fill the bodies of my amigurumi with.

I might as well include a picture of the pair:

Pearls Before Swine  mmmm donuts.  boo morons.


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