crochet bug

Before I get into the crazy crochet bug that has taken over my crafting, let me show you some stripey socks!!!

My Coronal Mass Ejection socks are complete!!! I love them so much. Gorgeous dyeing combined with a cashmere blend yarn made for a very quick and wonderful knit.  At least it seemed to be fast.  Once again my sterling silver needles were a joy to work with.

CO: March 14, 2011
BO:April 10, 2011

cme socks2

side shot cme socks

Now for the crochet:

Awesome sister gifted me two pattern on Ravelry that went up last week.  She requested I make her Clara Belle and I could make myself a Sheepy Who.  Since I wanted to crochet anyway, I was inspired to get to work that evening.

Clara Belle is beautiful.  The pattern was easy to follow the the colours awesome sister chose are so cute! (She was going for Jersey Cow, sort of).

clara - face close up
clara full body

Sheepy who was completed in approximately an hour.  Learned a few new crochet things and he turned out so cute!  I’d have probably made another one if I hadn’t been bitten by the amigurumi design bug.

so cute!!

Design bug? Yep.

I have a set of amigurumi in mind that I have always wanted to make.  Based on the pokemon eevee and its evolutions.   I had tried once before and failed miserably when I was altering a pattern. So!  This time I made up a pattern and it worked. Yay!  I’m so excited because now I can make the set!

The first eeveelution: Espeon.

ami espeon3
ami espeon2
ami espeon4
ami espeon

Sure its not perfect but I love it so much I don’t care. :mrgreen:  Another evolution might be coming next week.


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