This is what I get for posting lols

After all if you are going to do the lazy thing and just post lol’s one week news is bound to back up right?  And here I thought I lead a boring life. 😉


The lacy baktus is done.  Woo HOO! Not bad for an ‘only at work’ project.  The noro really kept it from being boring.

Yarn: Noro silk garden sock
needles: knitpicks US 6 (4mm) 16″ circ
Notions: 4 Row counter made by awesome sister (thanks!  that really, REALLY helped)
CO: March 10, 2011
BO: April 6, 2011

lacy baktus
lacy baktus modelled

Katie modeled it quite happily since there was a bird outside. 😉


1) Coronal Mass Ejection Socks – nearly at the 2nd toe! and then the afterthought heels need to be done.
Gorgeous cashmere blend yarn and my silver needles are making this project float by!

stripey sock progress!

2) Cowl
A bugga cowl! This one to be exact.  I haven’t done much of the exciting bit yet, I’m still on the lining, but what a bright lining!

cowl ingredients
Shown are the 2 colours I”m using. Beyer’s Jewelled Scarab (the bright! green) and The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Here you can see them in one of my new bags:
inside of swirls

What!?!  Quoi!?!  Have I co-opted my mom into making more project bags!  Why yes I have. 😉


swirls med. bag
A new medium size for those larger projects.  I just love it to pieces.   And awesome sister has caught the sewing bug as well and made matching notions bags. 😀

notions pouch inside
notions pouch

So useful.  Even if it only holds the yarn for the provisional cast on at the moment. 🙂

Another medium bag came home on Tuesday.  this one is so happy and spring like, but alas!  I have no project to put in it.  I’ll figure it out soon though. 🙂

daisy bag -inside

And Finally, NEW YARN

So I gave into the tempation of trying a new base from dream in colour: smooshy with cashmere.  This is the basalt colourway and is just soft and squishy.  Technically one of the cowl skeins should be down here too (Very Hungry Caterpillar) since it arrived in the same parcel.

new squishy!

I just received my club shipment from String Theory Colorworks – OMG is it beautiful.  I’ll have pictures soon (probably cast on pictures) and I’ve ordered a huge bath of natural yarn to do some dyeing with (yay!).  I’m really looking forward to pulling on the dye gloves again. 😀


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