A little bit of everything

An FO has been accomplished!
Dad Socks
CO: Feb 1, 2011
BO: Mar 11, 2011
Yarn: my handdyed cash sock in dirty denim (a kettle dyed colourway)
Whew… size 13’s are definitely a slog at the end but they are done!  I loved the pattern, so stretchy and easy to work.  I had a hard time photographing these, most of the time the texture of the sock just didn’t show up.

dad's socks done!

escalator socks in progress

Some new yarn arrived.
A) New base from Dream in Colour – Everlasting DK

dk everlasting - rain cloud

B)  String Theory Colorworks – continuum (mcn base) in coronal mass ejection.  This is an awesome self striping colourway!  You can see it in action on the Simply Sock Yarns blog page.  I’ve also joined her yarn club through her online store. April suddenly seems so far away!

cme love!
stripe pattern
coronal mass ejection
coronal mass ejection  - ready

I have progressed in my distraction:

I’m finally out of the $&*(ing desert.

Katie is actively shedding for spring, She has hip definition again! 😀  Poor thing has to lose so much fur, it must be so exhausting.  😉

katie napping

2 thoughts on “A little bit of everything

  1. The Dad Socks are great! Super stitch pattern — I think the second photo really shows it off! And a super colorway for a Dad!

    And can I just say OMG over coronal mass ejection!?!?! That is a SERIOUS stripe!! Are those going to be for Dad, too? ;p

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