New Things!

Lots of new things coming into the house lately.

First there were some very pretty stitch markers. From a (local to me) online store: Crimson Orchid Designs.

The green and purple sets are called Katie (yay!) and the bottom set is tigers-eye, one of my favorite stones.  I love the little holders they come on, so useful for keeping sets together.

crimson orchid stitch markers

Then  (of course), there was yarn.  Lots of yarn from a wonderful indie dyer out of Whistler, BC: Impulse of Delight.  She has been creating monthly collections of colours and her January collection, wild skies, just about killed me.  So I bought my favorites from that collection on her Merely worsted base  (an merino-cashmere-nylon blend).  This yarn is so squishy and soft and wonderful and…  I want more! 😀


iod- alpenglow - macro Alpenglow does just that, glow.

iod- after sunset

iod - after sunset - macro Lots of subtle colours in this almost black yarn.

iod - twilight

iod - twilight - macro This is a better picture, a rich dark blue ❤

iod - grey day
iod - grey day - macro A mix of grey with shots of purple.  gorgeous

Her February collection, Not Quite Spring, was equally impressive.  I decided to buy just one from that on a base I’m sort of prejudiced against, bfl.  So some bfl sport in the deep and complex winterbark greens arrived as well.

iod - winterbark green
iod- winterbark green - macro There is no way I could capture the sheer number of different green hues in this yarn.

Third, there were bags. Boy were there bags!

I was project bag shopping on etsy at the end of January and just couldn’t find a bag with nice fabric.  My favorite box bag supplier just didn’t have what I wanted.  Awesome sister was having the same problem finding a decent box bag.  Then she asked the fatal question: “Just how hard is it to make one?”.  Turns out it isn’t hard at all, and we have a mom who was willing to lend us her sewing machine and her sewing skills.  Off to the fabric store we went and came back with an embarrassing amount of quilting cotton.

Tutorial #1: Used this tutorial for installing the zipper- well mom riffed from this pattern but the end result is the same.

Tutorial #2: Used for making the box bag into a ‘box’ – this seemed more versatile to my mom who is a visual learner.

First attempts to create a box bag created what I like to call a ‘pocket’ bag.  It is very cute, but only good for holding small projects like socks.  (Which is perfect for me)  I intend to intentionally create another one of these soon.  Pocket bag dimensions were approx.  6″ long x 3″ wide x 5″ deep.

b/w flowers 1 - outerb/w flowers 1 - inner

pink daisy - outerpink daisy -inner

Some discussion, seam ripping and much fussing later, mom had figured it out in her head and we were off.  I have to give all the props to mom for these bags, the sewing bug hit her and she rolled with it.

These ‘regular’ size bags are awesome. 😀  Well made and the perfect size for small or medium projects.  Heck I’ve got 2 worsted weight cakes and the start of a sweater in one of them.  The regular size turned out to be approx 8″ long x 5″ wide x  3″ deep.

green bag - outergreen bag - inner

ships bag - outerships bag- inner

owl bag - outerowl bag - inner

love birds - outerlove birds - inner

teal flowers bag - outerteal flowers - inner

stars bag - outerstars bag - inner

roses - outerroses - inner

butterflies and... - outerbutterflies and ... - inner

Mom started to get creative with the dimensions recently.  She uses a lot of straight needles and they don’t fit into the ‘regular’ bag.  She created this long bag to hold her current wip, an entrelac scarf.  I forgot to measure this one though.

pooh bear bag - outerpooh bear bag - inner


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