Side tracked

Wow.  Sorry for not replying to any comments on my last post, I got SO.SICK.  It wasn’t fun.  I couldn’t really knit either.

But I was able to crochet.  And FINALLY managed to finish the babette blanket.  I find it difficult to keep enthusiastic about long term projects so the end was a bit of a slog.  But I do love the end result.  It looks wonderful and the recipient (awesome sister) has been using it a lot. 😀

The babette blanket AKA Urban Camouflage :  I used random yarns from my stash, the entire list is on my Ravelry page

Cast on date: August 12 2010
Cast off date: February 7, 2011

Katie, of course,  had to quality test it.  She has been glaring at awesome sister everytime it is pulled out though, apparently quality test = ownership in a cat’s mind.

Full view.
I should measure the darn thing, but it is a good lap blanket size.

The blanket got its nickname early on, lots of colour ended up looking rather like camouflage to me.  Of course you couldn’t use this mash of colours anywhere but in an urban setting so…
The square were dead simple to memorize and I enjoyed the 4 round squares the most.  The 2 round squares were over too quick and anything over 6 was just a bit tedious.  But the 4 squares were just right. 🙂

Next post I’ll showcase some new yarn and wips, but I thought I should give the blanket the spotlight today.


2 thoughts on “Side tracked

    • Thanks! 😀 I really wasn’t sure about the yarn choices at first (I have a weird need to use the same base in a project) but it looks so nice (if I do say so myself). 😉

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