Last year in review

Last year was unfocused in the crafting department.  Not that being unfocused is bad, it just seems unusual to me.  It was a year of stash acquisition and lots of different types of projects.  I still managed to make 13 pairs of socks (my favorite type of project).

Full breakdown by project type:

  • amigurumi – 8
  • cowl – 1
  • gloves (fingerless and mittens) – 5
  • hat – 4
  • shawl -2
  • slipper – 2
  • sweater – 3 (including a fingering weight one!)
  • socks – 13
  • other (xmas decorations) – 1
  • woven – 5

Here’s my FO Map of awesomeness.


Last year was also a big year for hand dyeing yarn.  This has left me with a slight problem though:

hand dyers stash dilemma

A whole bunch of pretty yarn to knit with!!!!  Oh the hardship!!! 😉  But seriously, I have a whole cubby in my stash cupboard dedicated to hand dyed yarns.  I need to start knitting them into pretty things!

Katie has been adding some fibre to her diet:

katie- eating grass


3 thoughts on “Last year in review

  1. Oh my! That *is* a serious dilemma! 😉 I always find that the hardest thing about having a great stash of wonderful, colorful yarn is that it looks so good *just the way it is*! Of course, using it up would just mean that you’d have to dye more — the horror!! 😉

  2. dian says:

    I think that little turtle is lost on my bookcase somewhere.. I will have to rescue him 🙂 seeing the pic just reminded me. 😉

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