Stripes and stripes and stripes

Last dyeing experiment of 2010 was on Dec 27 and was for self striping yarn.  Winding the long skeins is… interesting.  Lots of chances for tangling, not to mention the kitty help!  Katie has a habit of laying on the strings and chewing on them if they are too close to the ground.

Reskeining was a bit easier, especially with the niddy noddy.  Even though Katie was stalking the moving ends, that was hilarious. 🙂

The results:

1) Urban Stripes – teal / charcoal
urban stripes on the niddy noddy
urban stripes closeup

2) Autumn Stripes – orange / brown
autumn stripes

3) Monochrome Stripes – Black/silver/White/silver
monochrome stripes b
monotone stripes a

4) Sock blank – charcoal/emerald/charcoal/denim
sock blank

Awesome sister also dyed some stripes

1) Black/Pink and Red
d's imma bitch recreation
2) Neon Green / Dark Purple
d's witchy woman

3) Red/Gold/Brown
d's 3 stripe

Katie is being very cute… watching all the yarn move around.



4 thoughts on “Stripes and stripes and stripes

    • Thanks! 😀

      I have to admit I don’t use sock blanks often, I don’t get the control I like when I’m dyeing. I buy my blanks pre-made from knitpicks but I’ve heard of people making them with knitting machines or even hand knitting them! They are most useful for making gradient type effects but some people paint pictures on them or write messages! If you are on Ravelry you can take a look at some of the blanks stashed there.

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