This morning while walking into work I came across a cat.  Her(?) tags said her name was Danphy and not to take her home because she was a friendly outdoor cat.

However, the poor girl had giant mats and was VERY skinny when I, naturally, picked her up.  She immediately drank water and when a friend brought some food she jumped on it. She spent the whole day in the office with me (thank you boss!) and was a very good girl and mostly just slept.  I didn’t get much work done though. 😉

After trying to find her owners I brought her to the pound this evening.  Here are some pictures just before she went into the back room.

nov4 001
Bad face shot

nov4 003

nov4 002

She immediately started looking around. I know this sweet girl is going to go to a wonderful forever home. As long as the owners don’t come back for her. Unfortunately I signed away my legal rights to her so I can’t receive updates on her.


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