50 posts!! and I dyed yarn too.

Nearly a year of  “blogging” and I’m at 50 posts.  Well that’s not so bad.  October’s been a heavy month for me so let’s travel back in time to Thanksgiving (Oct 11).

(quick aside: It snowed on the 25th!!! and it hasn’t left yet :D)

As has become custom, dyeing of yarn took place on the long weekend.  I had acquired a new base to try (Sheila’s Gold from Wool2Dye4).  It’s a 2ply wool/nylon mix and is very nice.  I’m probably going to go back to Wool2Dye4’s cash sock though, cuz it’s got cashmere in it. 😛

The haul (7 skeins in total):
oct13 003

From left to right:

1) 50g — Saturated blue

 oct18 007oct18 008
Didn’t get a great picture of this one, but it was a test to see how saturated I could get a colour


oct18 009oct18 010
Better picture on this one. It’s a vibrant orange, the orange I’ve been trying to dye for the past 3 months! 🙂

3)Darkened Teal
oct18 013oct18 015
Gorgeous, with shadows and highlights.  Can’t wait to knit it up.

oct18 011oct18 012
Bright, cheerful.  I think this will make a simple lace pattern pop.

5)Kettle Dyed Olive
oct18 001oct18 002
Again with the shadows and highlights.  The yarn really comes to life under the light.

oct18 005oct18 006
Didn’t do the greatest job with the colour transitions here.  Olive-y background with bright teal, orange and purple streaks in it.  This will be an interesting knit.

oct18 004oct18 003
Still on my orange kick.  Bright orange with equal amounts of blue purple and red purple for a background.  I’m thinking I put 1 too many orange spots on this skein, but I’m looking forward to knitting it up!

I had a lot of fun that weekend.  A friend came over and learned to dye as well, her yarn turned out awesome.  🙂 

We also had an equipment failure and had to find a new way to reskein yarn.  Enter a quick google search for pvc niddy noddy and knitting fool’s blog for the calculation of length and we have:

oct11 005

cheap, fun and practical.  🙂

oct21 002

Katie, meanwhile, has grown her winter coat and still manages to pout over her kibble diet.  For a sense of scale: Each of those tiles is 12″ by 12″.


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