shuffles in…

do I have to blog?….  😥

Well alright then.

1.  A Hat has been accomplished – crochet cloche [Rav link]

sep18 001

I love wearing this hat.  I think I look really good in it.  I have plans to make the matching mittens.

Yarn: Fleece Artist Scotian Silk  (which is wonderful)

2.  Dyed some new yarn (yonkers ago).  I wasn’t really inspired so they ended up looking sorta crappy

sep14 014

sep14 011

sep14 005

sep14 003

3.  Katie continues to be cute.  I wish I could stay home and sleep some days…

sep14 002

(sidenote: blanket was a gift from mom, 2 strands lion brand thick and quick held together, she loves it)

She did have a hairball last night though, so it’s not all comfy blankets and bird watching…


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