Dear Knitting Fates…

#&*^*()&^%$&%##@**  (removed for offensive language)

I swear I swatched.  You saw it, I’m sure.  I was being very good. 
My swatch was: in.the.round, in.the.colourwork.pattern, VERY.LARGE.  I never do these things and I did them this time.  I got gauge (9spi). 

So why is it that my lovely colourwork mittens started giving off the ‘this looks too small’ vibe. And why did I still keep going, believing (wrongly) in my swatch!  Even if my hands hurt if I knit more than 3 rounds at a time.

So now I have a massive new ‘swatch’, that goes from 10spi at the bottom to 10.5spi at the top (the ‘too small’ vibe must have been agitating me).

aug9 009

Good bye sweet mittens:
aug9 011

Katie looked up briefly as I threw a pouting fit.
cabled_hat 009


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