Still gearing for fall

Still in a heat wave (go away summer!), but I’ll be well prepared for the cooler weather.

Knitter’s first shawl!
I’ll admit it, I loathe purling, so the thought of 300+ stitches and purling back every other row on a shawl was just.not.happening.
However, I found a garter stitch shawl! Milkweed by Laura Chau, who is one of my favorite designers atm.

I had been given some Great Aidirondack Sirino (50% silk, 50% merino, fingering weight) as a gift (gorgeous), and the match of pattern and yarn was wonderful.  I’ll admit to loving the entire process, the knitting, the blocking, the shawl. 😀

jul5 033

Full Shot
jul5 031

A woven scarf:
First time using my 12dpi reed, which meant I could use fingering weight yarn.

I pulled a skein of Handmaiden silk twist (used as warp) and patons kroy sock (as weft)

obligatory macro:
jul22 017

Katie claiming the scarf as her own:
woven_scarf 005
she looks tired because she was napping and a scarf attacked her, oops. 😛

A closer look at the edge. Love the twisted fringe.
woven_scarf 006

The scarf isn’t perfect, its edges are very inconsistent, but it is lovely nonetheless.


I’ll leave this post with a picture I took a couple of days ago

jul22 025


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