cowl crazy

Here I am, in the middle of a heat wave, getting ready for fall.  It just seems odd to make things you can’t use right away.

Cowl the first: Simple eyelet cowl using Twisted Fiber Arts Duchess Evolutions in Lagoon.

jun28 018

I have plans to make a simple hat and gloves in the coordinating colour, Agate.  I’ve cast on a few times, but just couldn’t find a pattern I liked.  My favourite thing about this cowl is how the colour changes manage to happen mostly around the eyelet rounds.  It makes it look planned to me. 🙂

Woven cowl.  Sadly I warped this back in March and never took many notes about it.  My mom helped me machine sew it together and then hide the seam with a wide black ribbon.

Really crappy photo showing the ribbon:

jun22 005

Much better picture showing the weave, but it is kind of dizzying:
jun22 003

Poor Katie is lying in a fuzzy puddle in the heat:
jul12 008


4 thoughts on “cowl crazy

  1. Oh, I love the gradient on the first cowl! And yes, that b&w pattern IS dizzying. Chaos and May can relate to poor Katie – they alternate between being furry slug puddles and being hyper kitties when I turn on the air.

    • We, sadly, have no a/c so Katie is stuck impersonating slugs until evening, then she comes to life and wants to bounce around.

      Thankfully the woven cowl is less dizzying in person, but the pictures I took *rolls eyes* are a totally different story. One day I will discover the trick to weaving 2 colours that doesn’t involve stupidly high contrast…

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