Weekend for dyeing – the second

Another long weekend, another dyeing day.

This time we were using an mcn (merino, cashmere, nylon) blend from wool2dye4. To extend the fun, we wound 50g skeins for experiments with semi-solids. (Or solids in awesome sisters case)

My results:

jul5 021

jul5 020

jul5 019

jul5 018

I’m having a hard time giving them names, but the project ideas are easy.  Either make 2 projects, the first with purple and green and the next with orange and blue, or make 1 project with all the colours playing together (probably psychic hearts)

I also tried my hand at a sock blank:

jul5 011

which I think is crying out to be some simple socks. 🙂

Katie just wants to play

jul5 001

One thought on “Weekend for dyeing – the second

  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous colors!!

    Make sure you have two people when you unravel that sock blank! Jeanne and I each have a niddy noddy in hand when we unravel the darn things. And then I soak the skeined yarn in warm water with a titch of conditioner, to help it unkink.

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