Sock Fever

I don’t know if sock fever is an official disease among knitters, but I certainly have it.  Recent cast on’s include:

Calloway socks: Sanguine gryphon bugga!  Reakirt’s blue

June11 001

both legs on this pattern are complete

Plain socks: My hand dyed Electric Maus
June11 009

Recently completed:

Mystery socks by cookie

Clue 3 took you through to the gusset end:

may15 033

And clue 4 was the toe:

MayMock 006

I ❤ these socks.  The fiberphile is gorgeous yarn.

Also by Cookie A. my Maelstrom socks are done:

June5 018

Another  completed fo(but not socks) was the cardigan I started working on again after the frog party.  I am never, ever, ever, never designing my own sweater pattern again.  It just causes to much heartache.

But the cardigan came out rather nicely if I do say so myself:

May29 003

Katie, as usual, is being very cute.
June5 007


3 thoughts on “Sock Fever

  1. I think it is an official disease…and it’s contagious b/c after seeing all the gorgeous socks you have, I’m feeling the itch to go cast on a couple more. I can’t believe I only have 1 pair going right now.

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