A weekend for dyeing: part two

After applying copious amounts of newspaper and garbage bags to every surface that might get hit by dye the dyeing began.  I had five skeins to handpaint.

dyeing 002dyeing 009

Katie helped a little, mostly she just slept through the unusual activity.  Here she is making sure that awesome sister knew when to change colour on her self striping skein (indicated by a purple tie).

katie playing

Skein 1:   Artic Shores a variegated mix of emerald, teal, turquoise and silver

Wet ->

dyeing 007

Skeined ->

dyeing 031

Reskeined ->

dyeing 116dyeing 118

Skein 2:  Electric Maus, self striping colourway.  Semi solid grey stripe and a variegated chartreuse, turquoise and teal.

Wet ->

dyeing 014


dyeing 063


dyeing 127dyeing 130

Skein 3:  Plum a Granite, a variegated mix of burgandy, silver and black.

Wet ->

dyeing 010


dyeing 055


dyeing 125dyeing 126

Skein 4: Forest Shadows, a varigated mix of chestnut, hunter green*, and navy**

*hunter green was a combination of colours

**navy was a combination of colours that split when applied to the skein resulting in some pink areas


dyeing 020


dyeing 036


dyeing 123dyeing 124

Skein 5: Tethys, sprinkle dyed*** using every shade of green and blue available, a touch of yellow and a large amount of silver.

***sprinkle dyeing tutorial found here.

Ready to be wet ->

dyeing 024


dyeing 042


dyeing 119dyeing 121

The set:

dyeing 115

I’ve already started knitting Electric Maus, so much fun. 😀  I’m looking forward to having a few more dyeing weekends this year.


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