A weekend for dyeing

Waaaaaay back when (March) sister and I came up with an idea of how to spend the May long weekend.  Dyeing yarn!
We bought acid dyes, bare yarn, citric acid and all manner of tools.  Then we waited for well over a month.  Finally May long arrived and we could make the bare yarn pretty.

Prior to dyeing, we had to reskein the yarn.  Finding this a tedious task we improvised a giant swift.  Using an old broom handle, a couple of pieces of old molding, some screws, a cheap lazy susan, and our dad it all came together really easily.  Especially since the ‘Dad’ part was in there. 😉  Seven skeins of yarn were quickly reskiened.

may10 014

may10 043

We also wanted to try dyeing self striping colourways.  These were a bit harder to skein for dyeing.  We took the lazy approach and wound the original skein into a ball, then tossed this ball back and forth winding the yarn around one of the handles on the super swift (sans lazy susan) and the other around a lamp.  All three skeins were wound to different lengths: 444″, 296″, 262″

Katie helped too, before she was put in time out. Yes, she lay down right on the yarn and tried to eat it. 😉
may15 018

I’ll post the next part of the dyeing weekend (that sounds funny) a bit later. 🙂  With the pretties as well!


2 thoughts on “A weekend for dyeing

    • a lot of ends I could deal with, it’s the spaghetti like slurping which makes me see dollar signs and freak out. 😉

      May seems to really like helping you with knitting and the such.

      Also, it is snowing outside. sigh.

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