frog party

It will come as no surprise to any knitter that I had yet to be frogged projects. Those projects that just get put by the wayside and ‘forgotten’. The ones that were NEVER GOING TO WORK. The ones you ‘argued’ with.

So the best thing to do is to frog them. But frogging isn’t fun, right? So that’s where a frog party comes in handy.

First you must create the proper atmosphere:


Now gather your projects. You must be strong. No use pouting or crying, this is a party afterall.


You will now have a group of projects to frog.


Each frog project will threaten your control. They will try to convince you not to frog them and lure you with their charms.




If you remain strong soon all your froggies will be gone.


You’ll be happier than you’ve ever been before:


My personal frog party occured a couple of weeks ago.  I put in “The Princess and the Frog” (all the pictures above are from that movie) and ripped and wound until it was all over.

Some of my victims:

A hat
A sweater yoke
A sock
Crocheted bag

It was very cool, I didn’t realize I was still accounting for them in my mental queue until they were gone. 🙂  Free at last.  Don’t forget to kiss your frog projects goodbye. 😉



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