Vision fulfilled

In May of 2009 I ordered some twisted fiber art yarn in the leisure colourway.  I bought an evolution with the idea of knitting knee socks with it.  The yarn comes already wound into a cake.

feb16 014

These colourful yarny cakes just sat, taunting me with my vision, unknit.  Being such a slow knitter I was worried that this would turn into a never ending project.

Back in February, I was bored of all my knitting and needed a simple project.  Regular sized socks flew by quickly, and were finished by March 8, 2010:

mar8 006

But I still had to wonder at my aspiration for knee highs.  I persevered though and now have:

CO: Feb 16, 2010
BO:April 10, 2010
Yarn: Kabam by Twisted Fiber Arts in Leisure
Needles: 2.75mm addi turbos

Nothing fancy on these all increases are kfb and all decreases as k2tog.

I can now justify a yarn splurge in july from twisted. 😉

apr12 006

apr12 008

apr12 005


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