A long time coming…

Thought I was just an accessory knitter? I was wondering that too until magically my sweater was finished!

CO: December 14, 2009
BO: April 4, 2009
Yarn: Twisted by Blue Moon Fiber Arts in Grawk (2 skeins exactly)
Rav Page: [linky]

It came off the needles looking like a rumpled square.

apr4 020

pretty, but rumpled

apr4 019

But blocking transformed it.

apr4 021

And it looks awesome on me. 🙂

vine yoke sweater

Ignore the weird pose and the mess, it was early in the morning. 🙂

I’m wearing it again today even!!!!

Why am I thinking of knitting my next sweater with fingering weight yarn? Can this be my next sweater? And how long will it take me?!?
Answers to these exciting questions and more coming up…. whenever I get around to it. 😉



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