Hanging Out

It’s hard to find interesting things to blog about when you are trying to finish projects up.  So here are some kitty pictures.

(sisters sneaker, my arm) Going for a walk, she isn’t happy that the grass isn’t back yet.  The other day we met a teenager who was completely floored by how big Katie is.  Katie is a large cat (18 lbs) but her reaction was almost comical.  “I thought that was a dog!”, and an aside to her boyfriend “Have you ever seen a cat that big?”.  Luckily Katie went right up and rubbed her legs (being a friendly beast) so she was enthralled and nattered on about how awesome Katie was for the next minute or so. I didn’t disagree. 😉

feb24 020
interested in the clicky thing, plus isn’t her nose cute?

mar8 016
contemplative kitty….

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