March WIP Report

Having declared February a lost month, March is going much more smoothly.  It is also going by so quickly!  The black dog isn’t biting me anymore, merely staring at me from across the road.

Wip #1 – Dad Socks

Size 13 man socks.  I love my dad but these are a bit of a challenge motivationally.  First heel is turned and I’m working my way down the gusset.  These have overturned my personal sock club for this month.

mar8 010

mar8 009

Wip #2 – vine Yoke sweater

The back is finally done!  After hibernating for a little over a month progress looks good.  Working on the left arm and maybe, just maybe, with blocking,  this will fit. It looks funny having 3/4 of a sweater.
mar8 021

Wip #3 – Gradient socks

Sock #1 and Sock #2 have reached the same height.  Decided to make kneehighs and now have 86 rows to increase for my calves.

mar8 006

wip #4 – Stashghan

Work is progressing. The pile of gray is (nearly) all the triangles for the edges.

mar8 002

An FO:

Baby turtle [rav]



Cute and guarding my sisters phone (apparently).


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