Feb roundup

Wow, February has been a really horrible month.  I’m glad it is over.

Most of my knitting didn’t work out this month and I don’t have much to show for it.

1) First fall mittens – really neat pattern for convertible mitts. 🙂 Didn’t enjoy the knitting process though, I’m enjoying the end results. Maybe malabrigo isn’t for me?
feb16 019
feb16 016

2) Meander Socks (psc #2): frogged!  Completely finished the 62 row leg chart (t@at at that) and found they didn’t fit over my heel. (sob)

On the needles:

1)Baby Turtle  –> Main body is stuffed and sewn, needs legs, tail and shell.  Liking my gauge on the smaller hook.

2)Dad Socks –> Due March 22, Literally have 1 round done.  Need to start on these

3)Gradient Socks – > Was so upset at the loss of meander socks that I pulled out some of my twisted fiber art stash and cast on.  Knitting at slightly looser gauge than I usually do and these are flying.  Might become knee highs though so another long term project.

This is the yarn :

4)Vine Yoke Cardigan  –> Haven’t knit on this in forever.  Still a few rows away from the exact middle of the cardigan.  Worried that it’ll fit but be waaay to short/cropped.  Sweater anxiety, i has it.

5)Stashghan – > Long term project 4/30 octagons, 6/18 triangles, 0/20 squares.  Liking this .

Katie has been loafing around waiting for the weather to get warmer.
feb24 007

I bought a new toy to help me cope with the Winter doldrums (shown here seconds before it slid off Katie :|):
feb24 018

I’m still playing with it but so far it is really cool.

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