What I am going to buy…

When I’m off this blasted 6 month yarn buying hiatus.  I can’t call it a diet anymore, diet are for losing things.  This is a brief interruption in gaining things.

1. Twisted Fiber Arts – Vintage and Zoinks! colourways.  Not sure what yarn or what for (I’ll have to think on that) but they shall be mine.
twisted_ganked_img please excuse the badly ganked photo. (sigh)

2. Malabrigo Sock – Need the new colours, esp. Azure. drool.

3. Numma Numma – some of this magical yarn will be mine, even if I have to take time off to stalk the loopy ewe.

4.Blue Moon Fiber Arts – Spinel

5.  Oceanwind Knits- My last pair of oceanwind socks are hard wearing (seriously look like they just came off the needles still) and should have some more!   Though sadly it doesn’t look like she is using this base anymore. 😦  poopy.

wow I thought this list would be longer…. that’s good right?

(sigh) Back to staring longingly at online stores….


2 thoughts on “What I am going to buy…

    • never! 😉

      Be glad I’m over my wollmeise phase. Or that post would have been waaay more whiney.

      Need to find time at home to read your posts! Can’t look at misadventures in stock photography at work, sadly.

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