january socks

I guess making a personal sock club was a good idea…. I have finished socks. 🙂

Katie chose the Cable and Lace sock ‘kit’ for me on January 5th.  The details follow:

Cast on : January 14th
Cast off: January 31st
Yarn: Striken Smitten Sock – Shoalwater
Pattern: Wendy Johnson’s Cable and Lace from ‘Socks from the Toe Up’

I have to say this was an awesome pairing of yarn / pattern.  Only mods were to change the heel to stockinette stitch and I made the cables 2×2 instead of 2×1, which looked messy.

jan31 012

jan31 014

Katie helped me choose my next socks.  Kit H from the PSC. 😀

I have also started a stashghan.  Had enough acrylic in my stash to crochet the moorish mosaic afghan.  Here is the first octagon.  It should look very pretty when done (hopefully the summer)

jan31 017

And a picture of the long suffering Katie, who loves to shun her roommates from her ‘throne’.

jan31 010

“shun! shun! how could you not give me treats right after supper! shun!”


One thought on “january socks

  1. Those socks turned out great – and they coordinate so well with the first bit of the stashgan!

    Sounds like Katie and Chaos agree on how horribly they’re deprived.

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