Stuff and carpet?!?

yes I don’t actually have a topic today… sigh.  I don’t even have any new pictures of Katie.

*think think think*

Well lets talk about the carpet.  I wove a piece of carpet.   Yes you read that correctly, carpet.

I warped the cricket loom with doubled dishcloth cotton and used rya knots to attach the ‘carpet’ knots .  It is a smallish square of carpet but enough to get the concept and I had a lot of fun. 🙂

The hardest part of the whole thing was trimming the loops down and evenly.  And dealing with the how long till you weave a whole carpet jokes. *snort*


The top:
jan15 002

The bottom:
jan15 003

With a cookie:
jan15 001

I was inspired by the mini persian carpet in the Ashford Book of Rigid Heddle Weaving.  But they didn’t provide a chart for their carpet and just suggested making a geometric pattern.  Checkerboard is geometric isn’t it?


Thing the first: I’m currently stuck in a grudge match with a hat.  I’ve cast on 4 times and *knock on wood* this time seems to be working.  Pictures only when the darn thing is completed.  If it doesn’t work I’ll deny everything.

Thing the second: Thinking of knitting the daybreak shawl for Ravelympics.  Not sure what to make it with, maybe my wollmeise?  I certainly have enough sock weight yarn and can probably find two contrasting colours.  Shawls generally kill me so we’ll see how I feel closer to the olympics.

Thing the third: Katie helped me choose kit ‘G’ from my personal sock club, by chewing on the folded piece of paper.  The Lace and Cable socks by Wendy Johnson in Striken Smitten yarn.  The pairing is awesome, but the yarn is strangely sticky and it took me a bit to find needles that paired well with it.  I’m nearly at the gusset on the first sock now.

Thing the fourth: There is no fourth thing.

Thing the fifth: I am now absolutely obsessed with hat knitting, even though I’ve only successfully knit one hat.  Hats and I have a bad track record.

Thing the sixth: I should be getting back to work. 🙂


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