Personal Sock Club

Reading the Yarn Harlot’s entry in her daily calendar for tomorrow (okay I like to look ahead) inspired me to follow her advice.  Create your own personal sock club from stash.  Since I’m on a strict yarn diet for the next six months my sock club will coincide with my diet.

‘Kits’ were put together today and will be chosen at random on the 5th of every month.  I assembled 8 kits, only 6 will be completed by the end date.  One kit has no pattern, essentially a ‘freebie’ month.  All the kits are numbered and the corresponding numbers have been put into a small bag.
If the ‘freebie’ kit is chosen, I have the option of choosing another kit, but if a regular kit is chosen I cannot change.

All the Kits:

jan4 032

A.  Harika Socks – Malabrigo Sock (Alcaucil and Archangel)

jan4 031

B.  The Firebird – Kit from The Tsock Tsarina

jan4 022

C.  Slipstream Socks -Eidos Sock (Trystero)


D.  Wanida – Impulse of Delight Summit Sock (Blackbear)

jan4 027

E.  Freebie – Caper Sock (Didgeridoo) mmmm Cashmere

jan4 030

F. Be Mine -Starry ( Cocoa Kiss)

jan4 029

G.  Lace and Cable Socks – Smitten Sock (Shoalwater)

jan4 026

H. Meander Socks – Alchemy Sock (Dragon)

jan4 028

Tomorrow I choose my first pattern :mrgreen:


2 thoughts on “Personal Sock Club

    • Thanks. 🙂

      I just started the first ‘kit’ today, the lace and cable socks. Shopping the stash is a lot more fun now that I’ve put it in this context. 🙂

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