New Toys

Christmas was very good to me, I hope it was good for everyone else.

I have a new camera, which means some very pretty pictures for everyone.

I also have a loom!  The cricket loom from schacht spindle company.  I’ve wanted one for almost a year, and now I do! 😀

Weaving is a difficult craft to pick up, lots of new terms and that makes it difficult to search and learn.

But, I’m learning!  Here are the woven projects thus far:

1. Cricket scarf.  Pattern and yarn came with the loom.  Fast to weave and fun looking.  Lots of skips and pretty uneven, but as a first project? Awesome.  It’s short though, just less than 4 feet.


2.  Failed project with Noro (ugh)  No more single ply wool in the loom

3. Awesome project!  A huge (8′) scarf made from Patons Classic Wool.

I found the draft online and it was just as easy as the first scarf.  I’m pretty proud of how even the tension is.



My next weaving project?  Another scarf.  Maybe in a houndstooth type pattern.

I’ll end with some pictures of katie from the new camera. 😉





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