It’s beginning to

feel a lot like Christmas! πŸ˜€

There is a tree in the lobby at work, Awesome sister and I made a wreath (I bought it, she put it together), and there are some decorations around the fireplace.



My Christmas knitting is well on it’s way. Hee hee, Dad’s socks are flying.


This is the Roger Sock by Anne Hanson of knitspot! I decided that the marie Antoinette was so much fun, I’d take a chance on another of her patterns. The pattern is so much fun to knit and is just going so fast. Plus the recipient approves and it fits him really well. πŸ™‚

I also have a ‘scoodie‘ crocheting along nicely. Just working on the hoodie part of the scarf. Major upsizing was done to make it more like a cloak’s hood, but I think it will look awesome. Only time will tell if I need another ball of yarn though (edit: time told; yes I do). The scoodie might be more of a birthday gift than a christmas gift though, depends when I finish it really.

I’m also ignoring a hat I’m making for myself. I’m not sure why I’m ignoring it, but I am. My guess is that it just isn’t as interesting as the other 2 projects. 140+ stitches of plain in the round knitting for 4″ doesn’t sound like fun right now. The yarn is gorgeous though.



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